5 Facts of Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a famous game yet, there are some facts about GTA 5 below.

1- It was developed by Rockstar game studio and had over 1000 people involved in its creation. It is the most expensive game ever produced with marketing and development crossing over two hundred and sixty-five million dollars. Only in three days, the game made 1 billion dollars. GTA 5 s map size is 100 square miles large that is larger that GTA 4 and San Andreas. GTA vice city 5 is showcasing the city, Los Angeles.

2- GTA 5 had 3 different versions released in 3 different years. In 2013 a version for ps3 and xbox60 was released. In 2014 it was released on ps4 and Xbox and finally, in 2015 it came out for PC. The original versions of the game only let you play as a third person mode however in PC,  Xbox one and ps4 version the players could enjoy the game I’m the first-person mode.

3- Sam and Dan house founders of rockstar games were born in London in 1970s. They loved American crime movies which forced them to create games like GTA and red dead redemption.

4- We can jump from cars in GTA 5. We can destroy cars with a bat in GTA 5. We can steal bikes as there are bikes available in GTA vice city 5. The weather in the game is slightly showcasing summer season and the best thing is that we can swim how cool right. The costume of the person is very summery which is a navy blue shirt and grey shorts. The city is shown to be a bit dirty with rappers and garbage all over the roads and the city has just 2 towns. 

5- There is also a sign of Vinewood which exactly looks like Hollywood city. There are hundreds of comparisons between GTA 5 and San Andreas. But many people said that they liked San Andreas much better than this version.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is also available for android/iOS phones, you can download GTA 5 Android.

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