Best Tools to Create Custom FIFA Teams within Seconds

When it comes to soccer nothing beats the best soccer game of all times, FIFA by EA sports. I’m sure most of you have already played this awesome game on your PCs, if not well, you are missing out on a real gem of a game.

Over the years EA has made a lot of changes and added new features to the game to make it as realistic and as fun as possible and we can see those changes in different versions of FIFA games with the most recent version being FIFA 2020. But the best part about this game is the ability to play the game with your friends with your own custom teams to see who the best player is.

Although making your own teams is very fun but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming having to pick the players one by one or even selecting different teams to play with, can get boring with time. But not anymore as we have found the perfect online tools that can help you create teams with the players of your choice and even help you with selecting a random team so you and your friends can just get right into the action.


To make your teams you can use this Random Team Generator that creates random teams with as many players as you want and as many teams as you want so you can just go ahead and drop all the players you and your friends want and the number of teams you want to divide them into and let the tool come up with the best lineups that then you can play with.


Now that you already know how to easily create your custom teams within seconds, let’s talk about “what if I don’t want to create a custom FIFA team but rather just randomly pick one?” well, we have got you covered on that front too. If you just want to pick a random team you can use Random Team Picker to pick a random team for you so you and your friends can have a real challenge playing with random teams instead of picking your own ones again and again.

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