Facebook is working on a new Messaging App Called Threads

Facebook keeps on launching a new features on and off, but this time, the company is launching a new app that in inspired by Snapchat. The name of the Facebook Messaging app is Threads and it allows users to share their status, location and other main information with their close friends.

This application will act as a subordinate of Instagram and will let users to share their information with friends on Instagram keeping in view the privacy. Currently, the app is in the testing stage and Facebook has not revealed any information regarding it.

Facebook Messaging App will Ensure Privacy

We have come across some illustrations screenshots of Threads on social media which reveal that the app will work in the most facilitated way. Some of the features which we can see in the screenshots are automated sharing among users with their close friends’ list of Instagram.

The app also facilitate users to go for automatic sharing choice that will update the status of user sharing the information with their friends. but one would not be able to share the real-time location due to privacy concerns. It will only notify your friends that you are moving somewhere.

Threads will let its users to update the status manually. Information sharing is not the main concern of the company as the main focus of it remains messaging. Like Facebook, one would be able to see online friends via dots.

The bottom line is that whenever your friends will post a story on Instagram, you will be able to see it on Thread. The app also facilitate users with a camera so that they can take pictures and sent it to their close friends.

Right now the company has not announce the launch date of Threads. So we had to wait and wait till Facebook launches it for everyone.

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