Finally, You Can Share Your WhatsApp Status On Facebook And Instagram

From some time, Facebook is testing a new feature that allows you to share your WhatsApp status to Facebook and Instagram directly with a single tap . This WhatsApp status sharing feature is not released for users and if anybody who wants to enjoy it can join the beta program for Android or iOS.

The app will individually allow people to share their status. There is not a way which can share all your statuses automatically to Facebook and Instagram. This is a good determination by the company as it will not only save your friends from loads of statuses but will also refrain you from sharing embarrassing statuses.

WhatsApp status sharing Feature will be accessible with a Button

Everyone was expecting this feature to be released soon as at the start of this year, Facebook has announced its plans of combining all its sister companies. CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that unifying the apps will bring them together.

Previously there were some rumors that these services will be completely unified into one social network. However, people were not happy about it and even questioned security issues if the three apps will be unified into one. To communicate the security issue, Facebook revealed that it will add end to end encryption to all the apps.

All of the Facebook apps will use the same data-sharing API but according to some rumors, peoples will be facilitated to share statuses on some non-Facebook apps The company keep on launching new features, mostly are welcomed by people, but some are not. I don’t think so this feature will be loved by users as it will just lead to confusion and nothing more.

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